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 Why isn’t my shipping FREE, like I see everywhere else? What is FREIGHT?

What exactly is Receiving & Delivery and why do I have to pay those fees?

In the world of Amazon Prime and Free Shipping, we sometimes forget that nothing is actually

“FREE” and there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into shipping, receiving, and delivering an item. We would like to explain what the furniture delivery process looks like and what you are paying for when you see those fees for shipping, freight and receiving/delivery on your bill. 

J.Lawrence Design does not charge our design clients retail pricing for goods purchased through us.


We pass along some hefty discounts, which means we don’t hide the costs and fees associated with shipping, freight and receiving in those prices (which is what many retailers do). We all have to pay to get our furniture from point A to point B. We have opted to be transparent with those costs.


What does this process look like?

• When we make a furniture purchase from a manufacturer, that furniture ships to us via

FREIGHT service (a very large semi truck brings it across the country) and freight shipping is

calculated at a lower rate than UPS or Fed Ex. Freight line carriers are the only method many manufacturers will ship furniture.

• Those large semi’s only deliver their goods at a receiving warehouse, which is a place that either has a loading dock or a forklift and a team of people to unload the truck. Unless the shipper has a “white glove delivery service”, they will not deliver directly to your home or business.

• The receiver then unloads the item(s), checks for any visible damage to the packaging, takes a photo of the packing slip and sends it to us, and places the item(s) in their storage. This item will remain there until your install day.

• When your install day is scheduled, we will then schedule the receiver to deliver the item(s). They will load their truck, deliver to your home, unpack the item(s), assemble if needed, place it, and haul away and take care of the disposing of any packing material.

• Unfortunately damage does occasionally occur during shipping, If there is damage to an item, the receiver notifies us and then we work to rectify any issues with the manufacturer.


So, when you see the fees for freight, shipping, receiving, and delivery... please

remember that these people provide a service we cannot do business without. We

couldn’t get your furniture to you without them.

If you’d like more information on our receiving warehouse and where your new furniture

will have a temporary home, you can check them out here: http//